Should I Buy a Condominium in Admiralty Road East Singapore?

should i buy a condominium in sg

Property experts advise against buying a condo in Admiralty Road East Singapore unless you’re ready to commit long-term. Otherwise, the costs associated with maintenance and selling it could end up becoming significant.

As well, you must consider whether to acquire either a freehold (99-year or 999-year leasehold) condo, or leasehold one that may suit shorter stays more effectively. Freehold ones are great options for upgrading HDB flats; while leasehold may make more sense if staying only briefly.


Location is of utmost importance when buying a condo. To minimize time and costs associated with commutes, it’s ideal to select one nearby your workplace that can save both time and money in terms of commuting costs. Furthermore, make sure it has been built by an established project developer.

Furthermore, living close to subway stations or other transportation lines is always advantageous. Singapore’s public transit can help reduce car ownership costs significantly while condos close to MRT stations may appreciate in value over time.

Additionally, when choosing a condo you should consider your family’s lifestyle. Single Pringles might do well with smaller loft-type units; couples and families with kids might require larger bedrooms with dual keys. Finally, to ensure the security of your family while you’re not at home you should ensure the neighborhood offers 24/7 safety guarded gated housing units – such as gated condos with guarded entryways.


Condos in Singapore provide many advantages. These luxurious homes come equipped with amenities that elevate living standards and enhance life experience – for instance, some condos include concierge services and round-the-clock security to keep your family safe; others may feature rooftop gardens that encourage residents to spend more time outdoors.

Other popular amenities for residents to take advantage of include private gyms, swimming pools and tennis courts, along with BBQ pits, entertainment lounges or private cinema rooms. Such facilities help foster a sense of community among neighbors while providing opportunities for social interactions among them.

Consideration should also be given to the location and distance from schools, hospitals and shopping centers when choosing your condo. A well-positioned condominium will make commuting easier – close proximity to essential services means an easier commute – public transit access should also provide easy accessibility throughout the city.


Condos come equipped with rules that dictate how residents interact with one another and the building, from what kind of pets you can own to personalizing your living space. While these regulations help create an enjoyable lifestyle and maintain property values, they may restrict your autonomy and make enjoying your home difficult.

Owners of condominiums must pay association fees to cover maintenance and amenities. These mandatory payments should not be haggled over and are often included as part of your mortgage payment. In the event that major repairs become necessary and aren’t covered by association fees alone, special assessments will likely need to be paid separately.

Condos can provide an affordable entry point into homeownership and a stable housing cost unaffected by inflation. But before buying one, be aware of all costs of ownership and be prepared for unexpected expenses that may arise. Also keep in mind that condo ownership takes longer to build equity than single-family home purchases do, so purchasing one may not be suitable if you seek instantaneous wealth building opportunities.


Navigating condo financing can be a complex process, but with proper knowledge and guidance families can make informed financial decisions that align with their long-term goals. Families should gain an in-depth knowledge of minimum downpayment requirements, loan-to-value limits, CPF usage restrictions and CPF usage restrictions before consulting mortgage specialists and financial advisors about affordability assessments and which financing solution best meets their needs.

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Families assessing eligibility for condo ownership should consider all costs related to ownership, such as maintenance fees, lock-in periods and property valuations. They should also stay abreast of changes to loan affordability or eligibility policies such as ABSD rates that could affect ownership costs in Singapore.