IP65 Touchscreen Displays

ip65 touchscreen display

The IP65 certification means that your touchscreen display is protected against airborne particles and liquids. This is especially important for industrial applications that are often exposed to dust and other elements. An IP65 touchscreen display can be used even in pitch darkness. It also features a built-in backlight, making it easier to use the display at night. If you have a workplace that needs to use a touchscreen display in darkness, IP65 touchscreen displays are an excellent choice.

Mimo Monitors ip65 touchscreen display

The IP65 touchscreen display from Mimo Monitors is ideal for outdoor applications, thanks to its rugged design, P-Cap touch technology, and 3.5mm audio jack. It is also available with or without Android player. This outdoor monitor is an excellent choice for menu boards, way-finding, and other applications. Its built-in light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness to match the surrounding ambient light.

The IP65 rating offers total protection from water, dust, and other airborne particles. A water nozzle of 6.3mm will spray water onto a touchscreen monitor. The proper rating depends on the working environment. If the touchscreen is exposed to high levels of moisture, it will be damaged. Luckily, Mimo Monitors ip65 touchscreen display provides superior protection against these factors. Whether you’re using the monitor for business or pleasure, you’ll be glad you got one of these durable units.

Winmate’s PM150CR

Designed for industrial applications, Winmate’s PM150CR IP65 touch screen display boasts an IP65 rating for ultimate water and dust resistance. With a compact bezel design and a variety of mounting options, this touchscreen display is ideal for use in wet and dusty environments. Its rugged design and protective glass make it ideal for a wide variety of applications, including factory automation, outdoor kiosks, and swimming pool kiosks.

Aside from being rugged and waterproof, the Winmate PM150CR IP65 touchscreen display also features a VGA and HDMI interface for easy connectivity. The 21.5-inch high-brightness touchscreen display reduces glare while maintaining delicate picture quality. The touchscreen PC also features two USB ports and an HDMI port. With its IP65-rated design, it can survive tough use in the workplace.

Accuview’s PM150CR

With a 18.5-inch Full HD LCD panel and an IP65 enclosure, the Accuview PM185CR is an excellent choice for industrial or commercial applications. Its 350-nit panel and wide viewing angle allow for optimal visibility in any weather or environmental condition. With customizable connectivity, VESA mounting patterns, and extended temperature range, this industrial monitor is the perfect choice for any business.

Accuview has a rich history of creating industrial and public touchscreen displays. Since the 1990s, this company has manufactured touch glass monitors, using a controller card that communicates with a driver in the control system. They have also been a market leader with a public kiosk featuring thick 6 mm vandal-proof glass. These rugged designs are also compatible with many different industries, and engineers can be confident their designs won’t be hampered by a limited interactive display size.

Accuview’s 892CFH

For industrial and vehicular use, the rugged, high-brightness 892CFH IP65 touchscreen display provides a great solution. Its unique IP65/NEMA4 rating provides protection from dust, water, and other outdoor elements, and its 1000-nit rated brightness ensures visibility in the harshest environments. This IP65-rated display is the perfect fit for your next project.

If you need a rugged, wet-work area that is safe for the display to be in, an IP65-rated touchscreen is the perfect solution. These displays are resistant to dust and water and can be used in locations with a large number of users. The high-end IP65-rated models also protect from airborne particles, which could damage a touchscreen. Light industry applications include furniture, automobiles, and clothing manufacturers.

Winmate’s Military Series

Winmate has been manufacturing industrial and military grade enhanced displays for over 25 years. Their displays incorporate innovative features like low-latency video processing, ruggedized design, high-brightness and NVIS backlighting. All Winmate displays are designed to meet specific military requirements and are manufactured in ruggedised enclosures. Their touchscreen displays can be used in hazardous environments and are rugged enough to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

The G-Win series is the most rugged model, compliant with the MIL-STD-810G standard. It features aluminum die-casting for durability, as well as anti-mist and resistive coatings. A rugged design ensures long-term performance, which is essential for outdoor and industrial use. The 10IB3S-SPH1-B is the smallest model in the Stainless B series. The display is 10.1 inches diagonal and offers a 1024 x 600 pixel wide-format with a 17:10 aspect ratio.