Social Media Photo Booth – How to Capture Attendees’ Social Media Profiles

social media photo booth

A social media photo booth is a great way to capture attendees’ social media profiles. While there are many options for this type of photo booth, Keshot and Custom Cam are a couple of the most popular. You can even make your own props using paper and wooden sticks. You can also purchase props on Amazon or Etsy. Props for your photo booth should include both general and specific props. Adding signs containing the hashtag will also remind attendees to use the hashtag.


The unique advantages of Keshot’s social media photo booth are hard to ignore. In addition to providing the ultimate in customization, these digital photo booths connect your offline and online presence. In addition to capturing valuable customer leads, Keshot’s photo booths allow you to maximize marketing ROI by leveraging cutting-edge image sharing technology, buyer intent data, anonymous visitor identification, and a massive contact database. It’s a win-win solution for both your online and offline marketing strategy.

One of the most unique features of Keshot’s social media photo booth is its ability to seamlessly integrate into your event’s theme. Not only can you incorporate your logo into your photos, but you can also have them posted on Facebook and other social media sites. Keshot also wanted to improve their social media presence, and so they turned to Coalition to build a new website and increase their social media following. Here are some of the other benefits of Keshot’s social media photo booth:

Custom Cam

If you’re planning an event or gathering, you can use Custom Cam to create a photo booth that is customized and unique. Instead of using the standard photo booth templates, you can design your own frames and labels and upload your own images. Alternatively, you can use it for a social good cause. Social Booth allows you to add text to your photos, and you can even create your own memes. There are many other features to customize your photo booth experience, too.

Social Booth works with your Canon Powershot, DSLR, and webcam. It allows you to create different print templates, backgrounds, and audio prompts and can be set up in advance for multiple events. The custom features of this software make it easy to use and the operator doesn’t need to know how to configure them. Also, you can load previous settings so that you don’t have to worry about them. It can even be used for surveys.


The Pylon social media photo booth is an interactive touchscreen device that is designed for use at any event. The device can sit stationary or detach and roam around the event venue like a Ring Roamer. With multiple customization options, it can fit any event theme. Its bespoke, branded features allow for maximum exposure of your brand. Pylon is equipped to handle any event, including corporate events and tradeshows.

This ultra-modern photo booth has a sleek design and fits into almost any venue, whether it’s a convention center, a business event, or a private party. It allows guests to retake their photos, add animated effects, or record videos. The booth also includes a studio ring light. Guests will love the experience. In addition to sharing photos on Facebook, Pylon also offers social media sharing capabilities.

Color Factory

The Color Factory is a unique, interactive photo booth. Its patented system uses 15 unique pieces of art to enhance photos. These pieces are sourced from various sources throughout Manhattan, including street art, pizza by the slice signs, and even lost Cookie Monster toys. Guests are encouraged to interact with the art and post their photos to Facebook and Instagram. Here are some helpful tips to use the booth. Keep reading to learn more about its cool features and how you can use it effectively.

The Color Factory, which opened in San Francisco in 2017, is the ultimate selfie experience. The immersive exhibition includes 15 large-scale, original works of art and an interactive photo booth. Its immersive, interactive space is reminiscent of a pop-up museum with bright, colorful installations. The colorful exhibit features a giant ball pit, guitar and DJ booths, an enchanted garden room, and a 360-degree photo booth.

Museum of Ice Cream

The Museum of Ice Cream is a new experience that has sparked an ice cream frenzy on social media. With over 126K Instagram followers and a sprawling installation, the museum has something for everyone. From ice cream snacks to cotton candy, the museum has something for everyone. The museum even has three swings and a sprinkle pool. Those with a sweet tooth can even buy their own ice cream in the museum’s small gift shop.

The Museum of Ice Cream is so popular, it has made its way to San Francisco and Los Angeles. The museum has also been popping up in the neighborhood of The Color Factory, a multicolored photo booth/art installation hybrid. Both experiences sold out quickly and have been extended due to overwhelming demand. The museum has already sold out of both San Francisco and Los Angeles locations. While the popularity of the Museum of Ice Cream continues to grow, other brands are following suit.