Packaging and Its Critical Functions

Packaging is the art, science and technology of protecting or enclosed items for personal storage, distribution, and usage. Also called packaging materials or supplies, packaging includes the complete range of techniques, methods, materials, systems and equipment used in the commercial packaging industry. More specifically, packaging includes packaging labels, packing tape, packing machines, boxes, envelopes, cartons, tapes, boards, foam blocks, plastic wraps, lids, closures, tapes, seals, fasteners, tapes, fasteners & bolts, tapes & cords, adhesives, fasteners & clips, and packing materials used in the production of packaging. The term packaging therefore, refers to a variety of materials and techniques used in the commercial packaging industry.


A high-quality packaging provides a superior appearance at the same time serving its function well. Thus, the packaging and its components are of prime importance to the entire product. The physical and chemical properties of the product must be taken into consideration when developing the package design. In addition to the physical aspects, the effectiveness of the packaging must also be given considerable attention. The package must possess the ability to retain and advertise the product for long periods and must have the capability of containing the product at a low price while providing optimal protection.

The optimal design of packaging materials carbon footprint must be able to meet the unique requirements and preferences of the target consumers. Package designs that maximize the benefits of the consumers while minimizing the environmental impact are desirable. Packaging professionals can help in creating customized packages to meet these needs.

The packaging selected should provide both convenience and durability. The consumer should enjoy ease of access to the product and the packaging should be durable and strong enough to withstand the rigors of any condition. In order to meet these requirements, the consumer may require a package which has a dual purpose – convenience and durability. Package designs which offer both attributes are preferred by many consumers.

The convenience provided by the packaging should be balanced with the durability of the container. This will ensure that there is a consistent and reliable supply of the commodity during unexpected intervals. In cases where a container is used to carry a very large volume of the commodity, strength is of the utmost importance. The container must be sturdy and durable to protect the valuable contents of the commodity and may require multiple packaging systems to achieve this result.

The date of expiry date is another important function, which must be considered carefully. The date of expiry helps control costs and enabling customers to hold back purchases of stocks. The packages should be manufactured to fit into the required slots and sizes to enable easy access by consumers. There should also be an indication of the shipping charges to the consumer. All these aspects and more are possible with the right packaging services.